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Ivory Coast military unrest reaches Abidjan

An unrest by soldiers in Ivory Coast seems to have reached Abidjan. Gunfire was heard inside a base for elite troops in the capital. It all started off on Friday in the second-largest city, Bouake, before spreading to two other cities.

The defence minister has gone to Bouake to discuss the soldiers’ demands. There is no information about any casualties. It brings back memories of Ivory Coast’s 10-year civil war, which ended in 2011.

On Saturday firing was heard at the military base in Akouedo, on the eastern fringes of Abidjan, which is home to parachute commandos that are considered loyal to President Alassane Ouattara. Some of the mutineers are thought to be former rebels who joined the army after the conflict. The rebels were based in Bouake.

Similar protests have been reported in the cities of Man, Daloa, Daoukro, Odienne and Korhogo. The rebels swept into Abidjan from Bouake in 2011, helping Mr Ouattara take power after his predecessor Laurent Gbagbo – now on trial at the International Criminal Court – refused to accept defeat in elections the previous year.

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