Child predator caught by clues in photo posted online

A child predator was caught by clues in a photo he posted online

The background of the picture was blurry but products including prescription medication could be made out.

But crime investigators had other ideas on their minds and time on their hands.

The Homeland Security Investigations Cyber Crimes Center used technology  to solve the identity of the abuser.

The system used was able to make out the offender’s first name “Stephen,” the first two letters of the last name and the first three digits on the prescription order.

The partially identified names were  pitched against pharmacy data to see who fits that criteria. It narrowed the search list down to a man named “Stephen Keating.”

The offender’s fingers were visible in the picture and they managed to pull the fingerprints from the image.

The compiling evidence was strong enough to put Stephen Keating in jail for 110 years. Investigators subsequently rescued 14 other victims.

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